About Us

Welcome to the Berman Chiropractic Website.  Dr. Berman of Berman Chiropractic has been helping chiropractic patients for 28 years.  Originally practicing in New Orleans, Louisiana Dr. Berman was displaced to Johnson City after Hurricane Katrina.

Dr. Berman has found the people of the tri-cities area to be as warm and friendly as the southern hospitality of Louisiana.  The mission of the clinic is as it always has been, “to make staying healthy affordable to anyone in need of help.”  As a result of our smaller size we enjoy a lower overhead to provide the quality care you deserve at a fee even the uninsured can afford.   With our state of the art high frequency x-ray equipment as well as a therapy bay with the latest chiropractic modalities we will accomplish just that.

Dr. Berman, unlike the average chiropractor, is available to his patients 24 hours a day.  Instead of an impersonal answering machine directing you to 911 and leaving the patient to decide the severity of their injury, Dr. Berman’s patients have complete access to his cell phone anytime, even holidays.

Berman Chiropractic Clinic treats most muscular-skeletal problems such as muscle pain, back pain, headaches, neck pain, hip pain, sciatica, disc herniations and arthritic pain and stiffness.  While concentrating on the bulk of our efforts on corrective care, we believe true health comes from maintaining structure and function on a continuing basis.  Patients from other clinics are released to return to their regular activities only to have their symptoms return later in life.  Many of our current patients are patients from other chiropractors and are tired of their problems returning shortly after care is discontinued.

As current research shows, true health comes from prevention, not correction.  Our motto and mission is the belief that it is easier to stay well than get well.  Our patients enjoy getting healthy by taking advantage of our extremely low cost monthly maintenance care.  Patients from other clinics are welcome to do this as well.

Comfortable, effective, chiropractic care, it’s what you want, need and deserve.  If you’re in pain, sick or suffering from back pain we can help.  We will always have time for you, to listen, to explain, and to offer hope. Welcome to Berman Chiropractic Clinic!